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Developing leaders to handle current and future challenges in their workplace


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This isn’t your typical consulting…not even close.

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David loves to speak to groups large or small.  Favorite topics include leadership and leadership development, problem solving, and lean thinking.

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The working world is a serious place. Because we spend so much of our lives at work, getting to and from work, thinking about work, dreading work, or excitedly looking forward to work, we need to make work as wonderful as we can.

D. Veech & Company Advisors Coaching Consulting Learn Love Let GoWork should provide a meaningful purpose for people and leaders need to carefully design jobs to do that. It is our purpose at leadersights to help leaders in that solemn duty.

Three tenets drive all we do: Loving, Learning, and Letting go. We call these three tenets “Leadersights” and truly believe that if leaders are able to make these three key decisions (to love, to learn, and to let go) everything that follows will work better.

We have broad interests here as well. We believe that regardless of your endeavors, leadersights can help you achieve higher levels of performance, more satisfaction, and more confidence in your ability to do the things you choose. Our intent is to behave as a B corporation as we build the resources to enable these objectives.

We offer leader development programs, a regular blog with insights and ideas for leadership, travel, and society, coaching and consulting services, and speaking engagements for conferences, corporate retreats, or special occasions.