October 2018

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  • A series of small successes

    Excitement Culture, part 4.  We’ve fought the fight to turn our compliant culture into an involvement culture.  We’ve strung together a series of small successes that now has everyone excited about your improvement efforts.  But now, with your kaizen team spread thin facilitating improvement activities throughout your workplace, things seem to have reached a plateau […]

  • Steps leading from Involvement to Excitement

    Moving from a culture of compliance to a culture of involvement is a very tough step for leaders. The steps leading from Involvement to Excitement are a little easier but still require some heavy lifting from leaders. What sorts of things get people excited? Answering that depends a lot on the individual, but generally, the […]

  • The Big Step from Compliance to Involvement

    In my culture evolution diagram, I show a staircase with steps from defiance to compliance, then compliance to involvement, then from involvement to excitement, and finally from excitement to engagement.  The big step from compliance to involvement is likely the most critical to creating a new culture. It is not that difficult to get people […]