January 2020

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  • On Going Challenges

    I began the year talking about Challenges.  I want people to view a challenge as something positive that they want to achieve.  This weekend though, things happened that offered more to think about. The Grander Scheme We experience many challenges to overcome that aren’t things we necessarily want to achieve.  The loss of #Kobe Bryant, […]

  • Visionary?

    We often throw out quite a few terms when we talk about leadership: Transformational Leadership Authentic Leadership Charismatic Leadership Inspirational Leadership Visionary Leadership We spend tons of money listening to speakers, professors, coaches, etc. to become those kinds of leaders.  What I’ve noticed over the years are a couple of things: We don’t really listen. […]

  • Happy new year and Happy new decade!

    Happy new year and Happy new decade! With every new year, millions make pledges to themselves to renew, refresh, reshape, and rethink.   Of course, by February, the vast majority are forgotten – swallowed by the reality of our very busy lives. Change – again Change in organizations is extremely difficult because change in people is […]