April 2020

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  • Travel and Genius

    Travel and genius. “Creative geniuses are often marginal people; individuals whose vision was greatly expanded because they were forced to move from one cultural world into another, and thus were able to see the relativity of both.”  Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, The Evolving Self, Harper Collins, 1993, page 74. He goes on to support this statement by […]

  • Mindset Stages – Or how the quarantine affects my family

    People are coming up with new ways to work and new ways to have a positive impact on the people in their adjusted workplaces. Since our workplaces have suddenly become extremely diverse as more people are working from home, this is no small feat.  I love how times of crisis make people extremely innovative.  What […]

  • Build team identity while working remotely

    Build team identity while you’re working remotely. A strong sense of team identity has proven to lead to higher reports of satisfaction on the job.  It turns out that we draw some meaningfulness out of having someone to depend and someone who depends on us. It’s hard to beat the sense of belonging a team […]