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  • Power and Change

    Welcome to July. Another month has come and gone in what seemed like a flash, despite the days often feeling like they drag on and on as we work our way through varying degrees of Coronavirus lockdowns. Looks like after attempts to reopen bars and restaurants, and after Black Lives Matter protests and counter-protests, we’ve […]

  • Travel and Genius

    Travel and genius. “Creative geniuses are often marginal people; individuals whose vision was greatly expanded because they were forced to move from one cultural world into another, and thus were able to see the relativity of both.”  Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, The Evolving Self, Harper Collins, 1993, page 74. He goes on to support this statement by […]

  • Mindset Stages – Or how the quarantine affects my family

    People are coming up with new ways to work and new ways to have a positive impact on the people in their adjusted workplaces. Since our workplaces have suddenly become extremely diverse as more people are working from home, this is no small feat.  I love how times of crisis make people extremely innovative.  What […]

  • Build team identity while working remotely

    Build team identity while you’re working remotely. A strong sense of team identity has proven to lead to higher reports of satisfaction on the job.  It turns out that we draw some meaningfulness out of having someone to depend and someone who depends on us. It’s hard to beat the sense of belonging a team […]

  • On Going Challenges

    I began the year talking about Challenges.  I want people to view a challenge as something positive that they want to achieve.  This weekend though, things happened that offered more to think about. The Grander Scheme We experience many challenges to overcome that aren’t things we necessarily want to achieve.  The loss of #Kobe Bryant, […]

  • Visionary?

    We often throw out quite a few terms when we talk about leadership: Transformational Leadership Authentic Leadership Charismatic Leadership Inspirational Leadership Visionary Leadership We spend tons of money listening to speakers, professors, coaches, etc. to become those kinds of leaders.  What I’ve noticed over the years are a couple of things: We don’t really listen. […]

  • Happy new year and Happy new decade!

    Happy new year and Happy new decade! With every new year, millions make pledges to themselves to renew, refresh, reshape, and rethink.   Of course, by February, the vast majority are forgotten – swallowed by the reality of our very busy lives. Change – again Change in organizations is extremely difficult because change in people is […]

  • Designing for Satisfaction

    Last time, I teed up a discussion about team member satisfaction, and focused on the relationship (or lack thereof) between satisfaction and productivity.  This time, I want to focus more on designing for satisfaction.  In other words, how can we create workplaces that generate higher levels of satisfaction? I’ve written about this before, so I […]

  • Team Member Satisfaction

    Although I’ve written about team member satisfaction here before, it is such an important topic to understand I wanted to amplify some of the basics.  Researchers have been studying satisfaction on the job for decades so there are clear findings regarding actions leaders can take to improve employee satisfaction.  But why? Satisfaction and Productivity When […]

  • A series of small successes

    Excitement Culture, part 4.  We’ve fought the fight to turn our compliant culture into an involvement culture.  We’ve strung together a series of small successes that now has everyone excited about your improvement efforts.  But now, with your kaizen team spread thin facilitating improvement activities throughout your workplace, things seem to have reached a plateau […]