• Measurement

    Had a busy but rewarding week last week. Two clients with vastly different businesses, but very similar needs. This week focused mostly on visual management systems and two very different mindsets. In Phoenix, we’re working on capturing goals in a platform called Betterworks. After a lot of wrestling, we defined seven broad corporate objectives. The […]

  • Miles to Go

    Last night, on the red-eye flying from Los Angeles to Columbus after 2 very good working days in Phoenix, I crossed the threshold to Diamond frequent flyer status with Delta.  I’ve been here before, several years ago, but that was when I was flying to Australia a few times a year.  The miles add up […]

  • Podcast: Interview with Mark Graban

    I had the pleasure of appearing on Mark Graban’s ( podcast about my book, Leadersights. Click below to listen or download. Originally posted at

  • Interview: Katie Anderson on Leadersights

    I was recently interviewed by Katie Anderson for her blog. The original interview about my book, Leadersights, was posted March 20, 2017 HERE. 1. What kept you up at night and led you to write this book? I wouldn’t say that I had that burning ache to write. Despite wanting to be a ‘writer’, the […]

  • Podcast: Interview with Thomas Cox ‘Tom On Leadership”

    Tune in for my interview with Thomas Cox, creator of the podcast ‘Tom on Leadership’ originally posted on 6/5/2017 “For this episode of the Tom on Leadership podcast, I interviewed David Veech, author of the new book Leadersights, on his insights into how we can better create great Lean workplaces when we understand how adults learn. […]

  • Dynamic stability – beyond leadership

    Dynamic Stability Last time I wrote about dynamic stability and focused on the mindset of a leader:  the vision, values, commitment, and discipline required to establish the foundation for greatness.  But today we’re going further in pouring this foundation. Beyond the leaders’ mindset lies the true physical work of leadership.  That begins with relentless learning. […]

  • Dynamic Stability – True North in the Lean House

    Dynamic Stability The foundation of the lean house connects to bedrock – the ultimate source of dynamic stability.  To me, this is True North. Other versions of the lean house emphasize “Stability,” but for a learning organization preparing for an uncertain future, stability alone isn’t enough.  Stability implies static, stationary systems which will break when […]

  • Lean House – Thinking through the elements

    Little Lean Houses, for you and me Not long ago, while I was preparing a new presentation, I searched for “Lean House” in google images.  There are many different interpretations of the original Toyota House and I wanted a couple for some comparisons.  Sadly, I was struck by the diversity of interpretations of the house […]

  • David Veech podcast about his new book "Leadersights"

    Leadersights interview with Mark Graban

    I had the pleasure of sitting down and discussing Leadersights with Mark Graban last month.  I’ve pasted the link to his podcast below. Coming up soon, Katie Anderson will post our interview as well.  She’s going to do a book giveaway too so be sure to check her site ( Also, I did an interview […]

  • Leadersights Book Released!

    I’m very excited to say that my book is at long last available at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and the publishers site CRC Press.  Thanks to all the friends who pre-purchased the book.  I hope you’ll let me know what you think and keep sharing with others.